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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the "pro-life" catch-22

the background:

i was watching a documentary on birth when i heard a British midwife comment on a particular issue she was experiencing with a patient who wanted to have her child at home despite the midwife's opinion that she should go to the hospital.  From the midwife's perspective the woman needs medical intervention, but the mother was refusing, or more like delaying that option, preferring to try all the old "tricks" at home to help her labor progress naturally.

The midwife's comment has almost nothing to do with the subject here;
however, it was indirectly revealing the same.

She said the the unborn child didn't have rights until it was born; therefore, she could not force the mother to go to the hospital, even though she thought it was in the best interest of the child, her hands were, in essence, tied.

Hearing her casual banter to the camera, the catch-22 of the popular pro-life argument hit me like a slap in the face. 

i have understood for some time that mankind cannot legislate morality, nor are the legal systems of man the answer to sin, but this example made that truth undeniably obvious.

If you see as i, "pro-lifers" mean well in their desire for the unborn to have "legal" rights to live, they, of course, mean to protect life.. but the reality is that man's ways only bring about death (Proverbs 14:12).   Because, if the unborn have civil rights in the legal system, then decisions can be made on their behalf under any circumstances by the State regardless of the parents wishes!  This has bitter consequences.  

If pro-lifers accomplished their goal of getting the government/gods/courts to establish the unborn as legal persons whose circumstances could be "protected" (read: regulated) by the State, THEN it would naturally open the door for the State to regulate any number of decisions regarding these persons.

Including how the woman gave birth, should a situation arise like the one above, with a medical professional who determined the "right" thing to do.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to think about other scenarios where the State, the now legal "father"/god/ruler of the unborn, could technically force mothers to acquiesce to medical demands/prescriptions.

It is a fact already that today when prenatal testing indicates possible issues with the unborn child, like down's syndrome for example, that the mother is even encouraged to abort her baby.  It doesn't take any prophetic ability to foresee the State (especially in the socialized-medicine arena) prescribing/demanding abortion for all pregnancies wherein testing has detected a potential problem.

What if mother no longer had the choice to carry the child full-term because the medical-gods deemed her pregnancy unviable (read: undesirable)?  It could happen.

Today, once again, it became abundantly clear why i am neither "pro-life" nor "pro-choice" in the controversial modern sense of the labels.  In this context i once heard a brother say he was "pro-God", and i have to agree with that stance. i am pro-YAH, which means i am obviously all for life AND all for choice, because both life and the freedom of choice comes from the Creator.  i don't take sides on the fight in the "legal" world, that is not my world.

i am pro-Yah, therefore i cannot agree with abortion.  i believe abortion is murder. Period.  But i also don't think man was designed to create his own legal systems, because there already IS a law against murder, it's Yah's law. 

So to all the "pro-lifers" seeking legislation:
man doesn't need man-made laws to "protect" life.
It won't work.
It will backfire horribly.

Man need only return to ways the of Yah, and walk there.

Shalom Shalom.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

the great little things

i was thinking this evening about the little things.  The little, potentially mistaken for unimportant, things.  it was the second blue of the day and i was doing dishes.. a lot more dishes than i would have had to do, had i not the tendency to put every single food item in the cutest little vessel i can find for the task.  We had baked potatoes tonight and as i came up with topping after topping as options, they each had to have their own cute little serving bowl, even the stuff that just came out of plastic-ware from the fridge.. some people may have just pulled back the plastic lid and popped a spoon in the ready-made "dish", but not me. Despite the fact i know it will create more dishes in the end, i don't care about that; i care more about the dining experience, and i think it's fun to make stuff pretty.  Don't get me wrong, there are nights when the spoon goes straight into the store bought container of whatever.. but not tonight.

So as i was tending to the "extra" dishes i was thinking again about how Abba-Yah understands this desire to make things pretty, even unnecessarily so.  i'm convinced by my experiences on earth that He goes out of His way to beautify, inspire awe, decorate, and dazzle.

Abba-Yah is the Mighty One - God of the grandest and greatest creation that includes the incomprehensible vastness of this universe; larger than anything we can even wrap our minds around.  And He is also the Mighty One - God of the tiniest, littlest and smallest parts too.. the microscopic world we've barely tapped into and hardly discovered.  He so clearly cares about the details, the nuances; nothing is insignificant, no thing too small.  i'm amazed by that which i cannot even see.. i mean scientists liken the nucleus of a cell to the activity and hub of a metropolitan city! Wowzers man.

And in all this pondering of the macro and micro of life, i decide it's important.  i want to care about the little things too.  It's easy to see and focus on big things, to be (if only fleetingly) concerned over injustice, poverty, pollution, society's trauma, and cancer; and to think that something like a pedicure means nothing at all, "in the scheme of things".  But to an elderly or disabled man or woman, bed-ridden and enduring the challenge and frustration of an ill-functioning body -- a body that may contain a mind as sharp as it ever was; to them a pedicure or other simple grooming might just be a little taste of heaven, a little dignity in an otherwise humiliating journey of decay and decline. 

Since we've gone there now, Let's continue down the rabbit trail and be honest and we'll admit that the elderly in our American culture are some of the most neglected of all our society. Sitting (rotting?) away in convalescent homes that are crowded and understaffed, caught in the fouled up and doomed welfare-by-force beast of a man-made system, where care and attention in the little things is so needed, yet unmet.  My own grandmother, who died in a convalescent home after becoming paralyzed, was at times found with feces under her nails by my mother who went to visit her just about everyday.  A little attention to detail means a lot from that helpless perspective. 

Forgive me, this wasn't intended to invoke anything but praise and a HALLELUYAH (!) that He, our Abba, notices and cares for the little things.  Not even the little sparrow dies unnoticed by Him.  What an amazing Father. 

So while a pedicure or a pretty dish may seem less important than countless other things, it's not, it's just not.  There's a time for every good thing. 

Yah help us.

Because the littlest things do matter.